Cord Blood Banking The cord blood of the baby can be used for all the family members. Stem cells are present in the whole body but the cells in the bone marrow, peripheral blood and the umbilical cord are of much use. It is difficult to take the blood from the bone marrow and the peripheral muscles so it is taken from the umbilical cord. There is no pain for both the mother and the baby. If you want to store the cord blood then you have to intimate to the cord blood bank at the thirty fourth week of pregnancy. There are two types of cord blood storage banks one is public and the other one is private. The public cord blood bank does not involve any type of fees whereas the private cord blood bank initiates huge amount of fees. If the bone marrow cells are used instead of the umbilical cord cells then there are only minimum chances of curing any type of disease. If the parents have any genetic disease then it is necessary to take the cord blood banking for the future and this act as a health insurance for your child. The cord blood transfusion can be made of two types one is transferring within the family members and the other type is transferring out of the family members. Before using the cord blood cells they are tested for the genetics matching. Apart from storing the cord blood you can also donate it to save the other personís future.